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Security Consulting Services - Vulnerability & Risk Assessments

Hamilton Consulting Services, Inc. will perform a complete assessment of your campus, facility or locations as you may require. Our security consulting services, including Vulnerability and Risk Assessments, are tailored to your specific needs and requirements. We prepare written reports with recommendations for improvements, reduced exposure to loss and liability.  Our assessments may include any of the following options as the client may require:

  • Risk Assessments: Comprehensive vulnerability and liability exposure assessment of facility, operations, security policies and procedures, parking facilities, exterior lighting and overall campus or facility setting.

  • Crime Statistics: Actual area crime statistics originated from national, state and local police agencies. Crime Probability assessment for each client specified area or location.

  • Security Policies and Procedures: Review and assessment of current security policies and procedures. Origination or revision of current policies and procedures are prepared to meet client site specific requirements and conformance to all laws and regulations.

  • Lighting Evaluations: State-of-the-art light meter readings are taken at client specified areas or locations of concern. The client receives a comprehensive report comparing current lighting against standard industry lighting specifications for adherence to accepted lighting standards. We maintain current manufacturer certified calibration on our light meters. Lighting Standards are measured against the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America.
Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
We look closely for exposures to loss
  • Security Systems Assessment: Evaluation of current electronic surveillance and recording systems, card-access system, alarm and alarm response, motion detection systems, access control systems, etc. in accordance with industry standards and client requirements. A written report is prepared showing the results of the evaluation and recommendations for improvements.

  • Safety Audits: On-site Safety Audits are conducted in accordance with client specified policies and procedures and all government laws and regulations to ensure that each specified site location is in complete compliance with these standards, laws and regulations. A comprehensive written report is provided to the client at the conclusion of the audit.

To inquire about vulnerability and risk assessments or other security consulting services, contact us using the form provided or call (281) 398-7774 today.

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