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Trade Show Services

Hamilton Consulting Services, Inc. recognizes the investment it requires to participate in trade shows.   Properly selected venues and well-managed participation should yield a nice return on that investment.  The organization of trade show participation includes a number of key ingredients, the least of which is an attractive professional booth display.  We have many years of experience in designing and purchasing trade show displays.  Our experience in participating in trade shows is two-fold both as exhibitor and attendee. 

With more than 30 years of experience in trade shows, we are very qualified to provide the services we offer:

Trade Shows
We can handle every detail

  • Trade Show Booth Design and Purchase: Our experiences in trade show booths ranges from international exhibits featuring elaborate floor space booths to tabletop displays used in local or regional shows. We assist our clients in selecting booth themes, color schemes and design as well as the various graphics to be used in the booth itself. We have experience in purchasing booths for our clients to maximize the impact while designing a cost effective display within budget guidelines.

  • Trade Show Participation Management: We can assist in the venue selection process by effective analysis of past events, markets served by the clients, total costs, number of attendees, special feature attractions at the booth itself (speakers, special entertainment, games and contests, etc), show dates and exhibit times, etc. All these factors should be considered when selecting trade show participation.

  • Trade Show On-site Participation: Our consultant will, at the client’s request, work the booth at any trade show venue to assist in the effective results sought from that participation. At the client’s option, we will also evaluate booth traffic, participation by client’s personnel and manage the prospect follow-up after the trade show has concluded.

  • Premiums Assistance: Our years of experience in trade show participation have given us a first hand knowledge of the importance of professional product or service related trade show “give-away” items. We can assist you in the selection and purchase of these items.

For more information about our trade show services, call 281-398-7774.


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