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Security Consulting & Management - Related Services

Hamilton Consulting Services, Inc. has extensive experience and expertise in security consulting, including implementation and management of special security and safety related services:

  • Emergency Medical Technicians: Evaluation of local emergency response time as well as local and regional healthcare facilities to meet and deal with medical emergencies. Assistance in staffing, compensation plan development, evaluation of current staff, training, qualifications and re-certification requirements.

  • Mail Rooms: Operational assessment, procedural and staffing evaluation to meet the client’s requirements and an efficient and secure mail room operation.

  • Courier Services: Evaluation of current courier services for internal and internal to external operations. Origination and implementation of start-up courier service, assessment of current courier staffing, overhead costs, policies, and procedures.

  • Shuttle Bus Service: Origination implementation or assessment of current Employee/Visitor Shuttle Bus service, assessment of current staffing, hiring and selection process, background investigations, drug screening, training and driving proficiency and accident reduction programs.

  • Valet Parking: Origination implementation or assessment of current Employee/Visitor Valet Parking service to include: current staff assessment, hiring and selection process, background and screening process, training and driving proficiency, accident reduction and public relations assessment.

  • Receptionist/Concierge: Origination implementation or assessment of current staffing, public relations skills, hiring and selection process, drug and background screening, training, uniforms, duties, policies and procedures and training to deal with emergency situations.

  • Sports Events, Golf Tournaments and Conventions: We are experienced in the organization, planning and management of security operations for sports events, golf tournaments, conferences and conventions. Manpower requirements, scheduling and deployment, equipment, transportation and logistics are all coordinated to provide for optimum safety and security performance.
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Inquire about special security consulting, management and safety-related services provided by Hamilton Consulting by using the contact form provided or call (281) 398-7774.

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