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Sales Training

A productive sales force should be an asset to the company.  A sales force requires a sizeable investment and the company has the right to expect a profitable return on that investment. Understanding that successful sales people are not born - they are made, is an essential realization in maximizing the return on the company’s investment. A sales person’s successful development and motivation is accomplished through on-going sales training and consistent sales management.

Many companies view sales training as imparting an in-depth familiarization of the company’s product or service to the sales person before sending them out to the field.  Many of these same companies experience a high turnover rate in their sales force and rarely achieve their potential market share or meet their sales targets.  

Sales Training
Our sales training produce results

Hamilton Consulting Services, Inc. knows that sales training is a critical element in the success of any sales organization. Our experience in sales management and knowledge in increasing individual sales productivity played a major role in the development of our sales training programs. We provide a range of sales training programs designed to increase individual productivity and increase profitable sales revenues. Here is a listing of the sales training programs we offer: 

"Basic Sales Training”

 Designed for the entry-level sales representative. Contains basic sales fundamentals including prospecting, time management, appointment setting, making the sales calls, organizing the territory, product knowledge, etc.

“Advanced Sales Training”

Designed for the experienced sales representative to enhance productivity and produce increased sales results.  Contains more advanced sales techniques including rapport building with the prospect, handling objections, proposal preparation, pricing to win, closing the sell, contract negotiations, etc.

“Winning Sales Presentations”

Designed to enhance closing skills for experienced sales representatives.   Teaches the elements of organizing, preparing and making sales presentations that will close the sale including, how, when and why.

“Value Added Selling”

Designed to provide the skills necessary to sell product or service value in a price sensitive market.  Contains, advanced techniques to determine customer needs, uncover budget and pricing concerns, customer expectations, etc.

“Selling Against Tough Competition”

This program teaches the experienced sales representative to effectively sell against tough competition. The program contains techniques in gathering competitive intelligence, how to deal with negative selling from the competition, overcoming price objections, how to deal with preconceived ideas, effectively compare competitive differences in product or services, etc.

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