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Sales Management Services

Hamilton Consulting Services, Inc. offers additional sales management services to help your company accomplish your sales goals and maximize the return on the investment you have in your sales force. Our experience has taught us that to have a strong, productive sales force you must first hire the right people, provide meaningful sales training, create a results oriented environment, adequately compensate and motivate the sales force and consistently provide sound sales management and marketing support.

Here are optional sales management services Hamilton Consulting Services, Inc.offers:

  • Sales Personnel Evaluation: On-site one-on-one evaluation of sales personnel to include sales skills and capabilities. Written report and recommendations are provided.

  • Selection of Sales Personnel: working in conjunction with company management, we will conduct a comprehensive selection process to include Personality Profile testing and on-site personal interviews. Written report and recommendations on sales candidates are provided.

  • Sales Management Evaluation: On-site assessment of sales management policies, procedures, management personnel and sales results are conducted as directed by the client. Written report and recommendations for improvements are provided

  • Managing the Sales Force: We will provide assistance in managing the sales force on an on-going basis as directed by the client.

  • Sales Calls & Presentations: As part of our sales training and to enhance sales results and/or better evaluate the sales force individually or collectively, we will make joint routine sales calls and/or sales presentations with client sales personnel.

  • Sales Compensation Plans: Our experience and track record in sales management make us uniquely qualified in the development and evaluation of sales compensation plans. Sales compensation plans should be designed to adequately compensate and motivate sales personnel while achieving the company’s sales and profitability goals.

  • Sales Incentives: Develop and provide assistance in the implementation and tracking of meaningful sales incentive programs to motivate, recognize and reward individual and/or collective achievement designed to meet client sales and profitability goals.

  • Automated Pricing Models: Development of client directed spreadsheet format automated pricing models to provide detailed pricing by specific order, product, and service or customer contract with the ability to modify pricing parameters as required. Detailed instructions included.

  • Pricing Strategies: We provide client directed assistance on individual product or service basis with prices driven by customer requirements, competitive environment and market conditions or on a contract-by-contract basis.

  • Customer/Prospect Contact Management: Establish and implement a contact management database program to track customer/prospect contact information, sales and follow-up appointments using Goldmine or Act software program.
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