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Proposal Development

Proposal Development
We can save you this frustration

Hamilton Consulting Services, Inc.has a proven track record in successful sales management.  Our years of experience, background and training provide us with the knowledge to develop a professional proposal for any company.  We use the latest word processing technology and graphic design software. 

After we gain a thorough understanding of a client’s product or service, we will use our knowledge of the market place to prepare a proposal that sells business.  The proposal will be user friendly, include your logos and graphics or we can provide you with fresh graphics and text that will capture the reader’s attention. 

Our approach is to provide our client with a cost effective, professional document that will produce results.  We focus on developing a proposal that will be easy to read and understand, while holding the reader’s interest with information and answers to questions about the client’s product or services. 

The last step is to assist you in selecting a professional cost effective binding method as well as provide you with disks and personal training on how to use the proposal program and tailor it to every customer or prospect. 


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