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Post Proficiency Testing

Proficiency tests are developed to ensure knowledge of duties and that the client receives optimum security officer performance at all times by the security personnel assigned to each specific post.

Hamilton Consulting Services, Inc. will develop Proficiency tests and establish minimum scoring standards for each security officer classification based on the client’s security requirements.  Each specified security officer post would then be given random testing to assess their knowledge of their duty assignment and post orders for that specific post.

Corrective action steps will be developed in concert with the client’s security management to deal with those instances where security officers fail to meet the minimum scoring standards established for their classification.  Each classification may have a different scoring level requirement based on the knowledge required to hold that classification.  The client establishes the classifications. Examples of the classifications that may be established are:

Post Orders
Do your secuirty officers know their duties?
  • Security officer I
  • Security officer II- Critical post assignment
  • Sergeant – Shift Supervisor
  • Captain - Site Supervisor

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