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Personnel Profile Assessment

Hamilton Consulting Services, Inc. has years of experience in personnel selection either as new hires or candidates for promotion opportunities.  We recognize that it is not a good practice to rely solely on interviews alone to make these critical decisions.  As a result, we have successfully utilized the services of two well-known, validated, personality profile testing firms.

We first determine what performance requirements and responsibilities are required for the position in question.  After we have a full understanding, we select either or both of the firms (depending on the position) and provide the necessary information to their staff clinical psychologists. Using the information we provide and the job description itself, a personality profile is developed to administer to the candidate(s).  Obviously, all information is held in the strictest of confidence. 

Personality Profile
We offer either on-line and in-person testing

We can administer the Personality Profile in person or on-line via the Internet. Once the candidate completes the Personality Profile questionnaire, it is scored and the evaluation reports and recommendations are prepared. 

Hamilton Consulting Services, Inc. then provides written management reports to the client as well as an individual report to the candidate(s).   Our consultant then reviews the results of the questionnaire with both client management and the individual candidate(s).  These results are typically used as the basis of a personal interview with the candidate(s) by our consultant.

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