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Tips for Hiring Contract Security Companies

We often hear the term “rent-a-cop” and with that phrase usually comes, “all guard   companies are alike.” Both these terms and phrases are wrong.  In today’s sophisticated business community, many contract security companies have made significant improvements in both their hiring and selection process, and their security officer training.

However, we are in a very competitive business environment and like all companies, contract security companies are interested in growing their business.   Too many times, an organization seeking to hire a contract security company fail to specify what their service expectations are in a bid solicitation. As a result, a contract security service provider may not submit a proposal that will fully meet the quality of service they expect. 

Once their service begins and their expectations are not realized, the hiring company places all the blame squarely on the shoulders of the contract security company not realizing that they, the hiring company, may be equally responsible as well.

Here are a few action steps that will assist any company seeking to hire a contract security service provider:

  • Plan ahead. Allow sufficient time for the process
  • Prepare written Bid or Proposal Specifications
  • Include in your specifications: (at a minimum)
                 Minimum security officer qualifications
                 Security officer wages
                 Security officer training
                 Liability insurance requirements
                 Security officer benefits  (helps to reduce turnover)                                                                          
                 Uniforms  (how many changes - who provides)
  • Pre-qualify your potential contract security providers
  • Set a deadline for all proposals to be submitted
  • Evaluate all proposals received
  • Call all selected contract security providers in to make a presentation

There are a few more techniques that can be employed to ensure that the contract security company fully meets your service expectations. Hamilton Consulting Services, Inc. has more than 20 years experience working with contract security.  If you would like more information about how we might assist you in this process, please contact us direct at: 281-398-7774.

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