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Disaster Preparation

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We can help you prepare!

Continuing operations in times of crisis while protecting the company’s personnel and assets is dependent upon the integrity and depth of the company’s advance disaster preparation and planning. Hamilton Consulting Services, Inc. can assist your company in preparing or updating your current emergency plans.

We can assist your management team in preparing for either natural or man-made disaster contingencies.  Plant, office or campus employee evacuations are priorities.  Communication systems deployment and procedures, command post establishment and the availability of emergency agencies and internal emergency response team deployment are addressed.  Developing, posting and updating a key personnel on-call roster, facility weather emergency preparations, back up power supplies and lighting, water, food and life support supplies and equipment are just some of the issues we address. 

As active members of both ASIS International and NFPA we keep abreast of current industry standards and disaster planning. We can provide your company with the most current methodology and emergency services deployment preparation and planning strategies.

For professional assistance with disaster preparation and contingency plans, contact Hamilton Consulting Services.

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