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Conventions & Conferences: Special Event Security Management

Hamilton Consulting Services, Inc. recognizes the importance of providing a secure environment for guests, VIP visitors, exhibitors, volunteer staff personnel and attendees to conventions and conferences. We have years of experience both as a security operations management provider and as a participant in a variety of conference and convention venues.  This experience gives us a unique perspective on convention and conference special event security.

We have the experience and qualifications to provide special event security management for the most demanding convention and/or conference environment.  We will organize and coordinate the scheduling of security personnel and deployment. Our experience has taught us that good public relations training is necessary in dealing with attendees, participants and exhibitors.  Care will be taken to ensure that ID badges are checked for unauthorized personnel. We will ensure that vendor exhibits are patrolled on a regular basis.

For more information regarding the special event security management services we provide, call 281-398-7774.

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