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Contract Security Evaluation

Hamilton Consulting Services, Inc. has more than 20 years experience in contract security and security operations.  We are skilled at assessing the proficiency of any contract security service.

Once a client engages us to assess their contract security program, our consultant will visit the client’s facility several times throughout the workweek to observe the actions and conduct of the security officers on duty.   Additionally, we will evaluate the following:

Security Personnel Evaluation
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  • Security officer’s appearance
  • People skills
  • Knowledge of duties
  • Post Orders
  • Emergency procedures
  • Call out rosters
  • Patrol procedures
  • Safety habits
  • Incident reporting
  • Report writing and documentation skills

Our evaluation activity will be solely at the direction of our client. Once our evaluation is complete, we will provide the client with a written assessment including any recommendations for improvement.

To schedule a contract security service evaluation or request additional information use the contact form provided or call (281) 398-7774.

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